[UPHPU] Java and Frameworks (was: MVC)

Daniel C. dcrookston at gmail.com
Mon Nov 15 20:49:04 MST 2004

Java is a language for mediocre programmers working in large teams.  I
say this because it strictly enforces rules about what you can and
can't do.  If you have good programmers (which are hard to come by)
then they don't need enforcement of these rules, because they'll just
do it naturally.  So, if you want to employ 200 programmers to work on
a large project, you'll want to use Java - not only because you'll
never, ever hire 200 good programmers and keep them happy, but because
Java programmers are easy to replace.  When one quits, you can hire
another fairly easily.

On Thu, 11 Nov 2004 09:02:37 -0700, John David Anderson
<uphpu at mail.johndavidanderson.net> wrote:
> It seems like the general tenor of the technology world is that Java is
> better (especially for the 'enterprise') because it requires this rigid
> framework. I haven't been able to work with Java much on the web - but
> I've never been able to figure out a straight answer as to whether or
> not that is true.

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