[UPHPU] Wish List

Steven Retz sjr3t2 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 15 13:13:57 MST 2004

The orginal reason I wanted to learn PHP is to make a nice website for
my family and friends.  And one goal I have been work towards, maybe
to slowly, is to have a Web Wish List.  I mentioned this on the SLLUG
group, and most poeple suggest I learn PHP to do this.  And so I am. 
But at my current rate, I do not think I will be able to create PHP
Wish List web page in time.  Not long ago some one the SLLUG group
posted some Wish List Web projects he/she found.
PHP Gift Registry

The Community Wish List Server


I have tried to find some on my own that use PostgreSQL, but have been
unsuccessful.  So I have a few questions, 1) does anyone know of a
wish list I could have that uses postgreSQL.  2) The wish lists that I
listed do not have much docs and/or screen shots, so I am wondering if
anyone here has used any of these, that would be willing to tell me
their opinions of them.

Steven Retz

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