[UPHPU] Flash and PHP

Jeffrey Moss jeff at opendbms.com
Mon Nov 15 13:10:45 MST 2004

On top of that if someone needs the text to be extremely big because they 
have bad vision, your flash toolbar is even more annoying.

It'd be interesting to see statistics on how many people choose the super 
fancy flash enhanced site over a regular old html site, given a choice.


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> On Nov 14, 2004, at 5:35 PM, Wade Preston Shearer wrote:
> > Actually, it is flash... if your browser supports it [1]. The key here
> > however, is that the site degrades gracefully.

> You are right about that one.  This gave me another idea.  Flash breaks
> expected functionality of navigational links.  On their flash version
> of navigation I cannot right-click or middle-click on any of the links.
>  I often load links in other tabs using a middle-click.  I might want
> to bookmark a link w/o following it, this requires a simple right-click
> and add bookmark.  Flash completely breaks this functionality and
> really pisses me off. :)  Macromedia's DHTML version has the same look
> and feel, but doesn't steal any functionality.

> --lonnie

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