[UPHPU] Flash and PHP

Daniel C. dcrookston at gmail.com
Sun Nov 14 02:28:50 MST 2004

I'm trying to be nice.  Really, honestly, I am.

Are you aware that twinpeakstech.com breaks when viewed on Firefox? 
The left nav box shows up but only part of it.  The top nav box/banner
is just black.  When I printed the site in Firefox, none of the flash
stuff showed up at all.  When I viewed it in IE (not available in the
office I work in; nor is it in many of the offices of my friends) it
worked and printed fine.

Have you ever heard the axiom "If the only tool you have is a hammer,
every problem starts to look like a nail"?  I dunno how many different
tools (dhtml, css, etc.) you're familiar with, but I'm assuming that
if you knew them as well as you knew Flash you'd use them where
appropriate instead of hitting every design issue with your Flash

Here's [1] an article for you to read.  It's a bit biased because the
author's experience with Flash-based sites was almost universally bad.
 (Just because Flash can be used poorly doesn't make it a bad thing.) 
He does have some good points though, which when applied to site
design in general point toward using Flash only when necessary.  Here
[2] is a rebuttal to that article, stating basically what everyone on
this list (but hey, *he's* a professional!) has already said: Please,
don't use Flash for things that could be done with something
(anything!) else.  Here [3] is a Top Ten checklist of bad site
features (written by a company that specializes in flash design,) of
which two deal with poor use of Flash.  Specifically, they touch on
using flash for your site's navigation and creating a splash page in
Flash without an HTML "skip" button.

I could link you to a dozen more, but I think you get the point.  In
closing - what is Flash best at?  What was it designed for?  Well, it
was designed for interactive presentations, video, and animations.  So
use it for those things, and not for others.

Still not convinced?  Go to www.macromedia.com.  Take a look at their
menu.  (Hint: it's not flash.)  Directly below that (at least when I
loaded it; maybe it changes every time, which would be cool.  I dont'
know.) is a Flash ad, in both senses of the word - done in Flash, and
an advertisement for Flash.

I hope I managed to be nice; if not, I apologize and blame something
other than myself ;-)

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