[UPHPU] Flash and PHP

wesley at twinpeakstech.com wesley at twinpeakstech.com
Fri Nov 12 13:27:38 MST 2004

I want to backup what Jeffrey Nelson has to say.  He has a ton of experience
with this and has taught me things about using PHP with Flash that I never knew
were possible.

The best way that I have found to combine the two using PHP variables is to have
PHP dynamically build an XML file containing the values(s) and then have your
Flash movie programmed to read that XML file using ActionScript.  Jeff
mentioned that you can find the xml that builds the nav menu on my site
http://www.twinpeakstech.com by clicking:
http://www.twinpeakstech.com/newsite/xml/links.xml This is true only for the
nav menu that you see without being authenticated to the site.  However, once
you get logged in, I use a different flash menu that loads an xml file called
applinks.php.  This file creates xml output and allows me to ensure that only
the links to areas of the site that a person has access to are shown on the nav

I think that maybe Jeff should present at one of the UPHPU meetings and teach us
all more about this stuff!!  I can’t think of anybody more qualified than he to
show us how to do it right.


Quoting "OgdenNights.com" <lists at ogdennights.com>:

> Does anyone have experience using flash with PHP? I'm wondering if I should
> use Flash to interface with PHP like many people use JavaScript with PHP. If
> I use JavaScript extensively, then I will have to make the website
> specifically for one browser; but with Flash, all browsers can use it the
> same. I don't know how passionate everyone is on this subject -- I hope I'm
> not causing a flame war with this one.
> -Timothy
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