[UPHPU] Flash and PHP

Jeremy Burgess jeremy at edgecast.net
Fri Nov 12 13:10:04 MST 2004

Similar to Lonnie's view I personally think Flash should be used to 
enhance a site, but not be a necessary component like navigation or 
entryway UNLESS an alternative solution is provided, the cost of which 
is not always justifiable.

Now, for the sake of a current hot topic on this list I'd like to 
mention that Flash excels in its presentation capabilities and PHP 
excels in data handling and logic. With all this talk of separating out 
the presentation layer the prospect of passing data to flash should be 
given some credit here.

I worked with a Flash designer on this several years ago, before Flash 
had a fancy XML parser, with a product catalog for Xircom who has since 
been bought by Intel. The HTML catalog was already completed, so this 
was a value add project for supported visitors. And having worked on 
both the Flash and the HTML solutions I have to say that I was more 
pleased with the flash solution, because I only had to concern myself 
with generating the XML. A very clear line had been drawn between the 
presentation layer and the data layer. My PHP was just a few lines of 
pure PHP. The user interface was very smooth and stylish.

This is not a magic solution. Use of Flash should be considered 
carefully. However, the same XML generated for Flash can also be used to 
supply data to an HTML page, allowing you to provide multiple avenues of 
presentation with a single data source.


Lonnie Olson wrote:

> On Nov 12, 2004, at 9:13 AM, OgdenNights.com wrote:
>> If I use JavaScript extensively, then I will have to make the website
>> specifically for one browser;
Javascript can be written to address different browsers where the need 

>> I personally *hate* flash when it is used for basic web design, like 
>> navigation, logos, etc.  IMO, flash should only be used when 
>> necessary, like product demos, and other similar tools that can't be 
>> done well otherwise.  Also flash used badly pretty much defeats any 
>> possibility of accessibility.
>> --lonnie 

Jeremy Burgess
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