[UPHPU] Flash and PHP

jeffrey neslen jneslen at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 12 12:33:21 MST 2004

Flash works great with php, xml ect.  One downfall is
that as far as I know you have to return variables to
flash using a string and concatenating the variables

But I have to disagree about generating simple
interfaces with flash it is awesome in this regard. 
It is much easier to produce high quality dynamically
generated navigation, menu headers and banners using
flash than with javascript.  Besides that you can
embed fonts for better looking sites as well as the
ability to compress images much better than some raw
jpg or gifs.

I think the bad rap that flash gets comes from people
that don't use it's full potential.  I see a lot of
people get into flash and not know how to use it
efficiently. For example, most people will use frame
animations rather than scripting their animations. 
Frame animations make the file size larger and slower
running.  Another example is when people repeat all of
their navigation buttons with different movie clips
rather than dynamically loop through one button and
generate it dynamically using php or xml.

I use flash all the time with my designs and find it a
great way to dynamically generate a site using one
frame in flash and one flash file to output headers
and navigation.

If you want an example take a look at
The navigation is easily editable through:
which can also be produced through php.

Here is another project I recently did for
twinpeakstech's site builder program that will allow a
company to put their information into any page design
already designed with flash graphics and their choice
of navigation links:

Yes I could just put their company name in Arial font
at the top of the page, but why not spice it up with a
flash graphic that is more efficient and aesthetically
pleasing than a browser biased javascript application.

Again I think it just comes down to how creative you
are with your use of flash and how to use it.


--- Lonnie Olson <fungus at aros.net> wrote:

> On Nov 12, 2004, at 9:13 AM, OgdenNights.com wrote:
> > Does anyone have experience using flash with PHP?
> I'm wondering if I 
> > should
> > use Flash to interface with PHP like many people
> use JavaScript with 
> > PHP. If
> > I use JavaScript extensively, then I will have to
> make the website
> > specifically for one browser; but with Flash, all
> browsers can use it 
> > the
> > same. I don't know how passionate everyone is on
> this subject -- I 
> > hope I'm
> > not causing a flame war with this one.
> >
> > -Timothy
> I personally *hate* flash when it is used for basic
> web design, like 
> navigation, logos, etc.  IMO, flash should only be
> used when necessary, 
> like product demos, and other similar tools that
> can't be done well 
> otherwise.  Also flash used badly pretty much
> defeats any possibility 
> of accessibility.
> As far as a Flash *interface* to PHP.  I have never
> used ming myself, 
> but it looks as it will create flash files for you
> on the fly.  If you 
> weren't referring to creating flash files, then
> there is no interface 
> to PHP.  Flash is client side, PHP is server side. 
> Your PHP code will 
> just generate the HTML necessary to instruct the
> client to load a flash 
> file.
> --lonnie
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