[UPHPU] Java and Frameworks

Jeff Moss jeff at opendbms.com
Thu Nov 11 12:25:47 MST 2004

>I disagree. They are fundamentally different languages. How is PHP
>following Java?
Given that they have similar syntax, a lot of Java developers who want 
the benefits of an interpreted language would simply port their java 
code over to PHP. Practically every jakarta project out there is being 
ported to PHP. I noticed a lot of people on the php5 dev list advocating 
development in the direction of Java (which is why the dynamic type 
checking turned out to be such a huge debate, right?)

The persistent objects you mention are a major downside of PHP, and one 
thing I liked about mod_perl, but I've seen some pecl extensions to use 
shared memory for objects, and there is talk that it may be incorporated 
into the language in the next release. (Another reason I believe PHP is 
moving toward Java)

So purely in terms of language differences, there are all the added 
benefits of an interpreted language; dynamic type checking, eval, 
symbolic references, etc. But your definition of "huge differences" 
aren't that big on my list. Syntax and semantics would be a huge 
difference/similarity, and the fundamental aspects of a language in my 
opinion. Compare java and php to python or ruby or lisp for that matter.


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