[UPHPU] Java and Frameworks

Jeff Moss jeff at opendbms.com
Thu Nov 11 10:03:11 MST 2004

Doesn't the newest revision of Java let you load up or "use" a namespace 
like C# does? That could potentially make it more usable (and less 
readable). I am not a Java guru but I remember reading that somewhere.

IMO Java is just more strict, more evolved version of PHP. PHP is going 
the same direction as Java recently, which is a shame. I'd like to see 
it become more dynamic. Ruby has some pretty cool dynamic features 
(method override on the fly, dynamically imported class functions, "mix 
ins", iterators, true OO programming). I'm just waiting for Ruby to 
become more mainstream, it seems to be gaining momentum very rapidly. I 
still use perl too, but perl comes up way short in the OO dept. and I've 
sortof forgotten about perl 6 at this point.

I think one very significant reason to use Java is that you hide your 
code in jar files. I know you can obfuscate PHP code too, but I get the 
feeling that PHP has more "open source" fuel behind it, where Java looks 
more appealing to someone who wants to sell their code.


John David Anderson wrote:

> <quote who='Ray'>
>> After developing with
>> MVC and frameworks in java, php does not follow the same paradigm. When
>> implementing these types in php there is an overkill to it all.
> <quote>
> It seems like the general tenor of the technology world is that Java 
> is better (especially for the 'enterprise') because it requires this 
> rigid framework. I haven't been able to work with Java much on the web 
> - but I've never been able to figure out a straight answer as to 
> whether or not that is true.
> After reading Adv. PHP Programming, George makes me think that there 
> aren't any problems with large-scale PHP applications, and from my 
> short frolic in the land of JSP, it really just seems like PHP to me. 
> I haven't done any servlet stuff, but it seems like you could 
> accomplish the same thing in PHP, essentially.
> From all I can tell (and I'm no big PHP or Java guru), but PHP is just 
> as good as Java. I personally like PHP because its more flexible and 
> way less verbose. System.out.println.righthere.astext.please("hello") 
> vs. echo "Hi." :o)
> Thoughts?
> I know the list might be a little biased towards PHP, but if Java is 
> really a better way to go for large scale stuff, I'd like to get to 
> know it as well.
> --John
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