[UPHPU] Sequentially number records with php/mysql

Brent Wilkinson brent at air2data.com
Thu Nov 11 09:35:01 MST 2004

Nother way to do this maybe to create the file with the name of the file the
date it was created like for right now 11/11/2004 9:30am the file could be
111120040930.pdf or the record number could be 111120040930 or something to
that effect.

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Today at 11:33am, Ashley Oviatt said:

>Because I am creating a pdf of the business card and that's how I name 
>the file. If they don't like the proof pdf, they don't have to order.

Two ways to work around this:

1) when they "cancel", delete the record and the file
2) after a while (days/weeks maybe), purge old records and files

An alternative:

Name the file with a random number, then if they actually order, make a
permanent ID in the database, and associate the filename with it (or rename
the file with the new ID).


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