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Wed Nov 10 09:07:14 MST 2004

I have been doing a some framework shopping recently.  I wanted 
something that is MVC based.  In my search I discovered some very cool 
frameworks.  I made a list of the frameworks that I came across.   This 
is by no means a complete list of frameworks.  It is just a list of 
some of the ones that I found and my impressions.

PHP Patterns is a site dedicated to design patterns in PHP.  The site 
is not getting updated as much as it was in the past but the content is 
still very good.
	MVC Pattern (Version 2) article

Tony Marston's site is a wealth of information.  He has enough content 
on is site for two or more books.  After you take a look that the MVC 
article be sure to check out all of the rest.  I do not agree with 
everything that he says but he has been developing software for more 
than 20 years and has thought a lot about it.  One thing that he does 
that I thought was cool is that he uses XSLT for his templates.

Hive framework is PHP5 only and used Flexy for templating.

The ISMO PHP Framework

XAO (XML Application Objects) framework uses XSLT for the templating.

Typo3  is content management system. The feature that I most like is 
the workflow engine.

Seagull PHP Framework
I did not look to much as Seagull.  I think there is someone on the 
list that knows more about this one.

The PRADO Component Framework (very cool)
This is a really cool framework.  Everything and I mean everything is 
an object. Many many design patterns.  Nice clean code.   PHP5 only. 
The only thing that I did not like was that it is a little to heavy for 
what I need to do.

Magma is a framework based on Mojavi.

Ambivalence is yet another MVC framework.  It is based on the 
Java-based Maverick project.  I am only including it because I came 
across it in my search.  It has not been updated since 7/16/2002.

php.MVC is another framework.  It is still in beta but looks promising.

"Limb is the first WACT based CMF".  Looks like it could be pretty 
good.  Much more than I need.

Mojavi MVC
This is another very cool framework.  Mojavi has a couple of really 
cool features, filter chains and action chains.

Phrame MVC
This is one of the lighter weight frameworks that I looked at.  I liked 
that the for the "view" it lets you chose whatever you would like to 
use.  Be it Smarty, XSL, PHP, or even FlashMX it does not matter.

After searching for more than a week I am not totally sold on any one 


On Nov 9, 2004, at 7:26 PM, John David Anderson wrote:

> I have really liked that book - definitely recommended for those who 
> haven't checked it out yet.
> I personally use Smarty and like it so far. I have heard from others 
> on the list that it's slow, but I haven't experienced any slowness. 
> I'm not sure what would cause that. I would use it for any size site. 
> Its pretty easy to use. (Check it out at smarty.php.net)
> It doesn't matter so much as you find something that works for you and 
> you try to keep your logic separate from your presentation. You'll 
> only realize how great this is when some of your projects get older - 
> and you need to rework things.
> I'd also like to hear more talk about frameworks as well. I'm looking 
> for a good intro to a MVC-ish framework and I haven't found anything 
> yet. Any recommendations there either?
> --John
> On Nov 9, 2004, at 7:21 PM, Steven Retz wrote:
>> I have been reading the book I got, "Advanced PHP Programming".  I
>> have been wondering what the members of the group are doing for
>> templates, either smarty, ad hoc, or some other way.
>> Eger to hear what people are doing and why, to futhor my 
>> understanding.
>> Steven
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