Jeff Moss jeff at opendbms.com
Tue Nov 9 22:02:59 MST 2004

Wow, it looks like MVC is the hot topic.

Personally, I think any template system is the same thing as raw PHP. I 
just don't see any reason to use anything but plain ol' PHP if you're 
going to do it that way.

But if you want to be really cool and stuff, you use XSL templates for 
all your presentation code, and your PHP only generates XML data.  There 
are so many uses for XML that using it for templating is a natural 
choice for me.

There are also some good WYSIWYG editors out there for XSL templates. 
Stylus Studio (http://www.stylusstudio.com) looks pretty good. Too bad I 
can't afford it :(

I think centering all your design decisions on speed never pays off in 
the long run. Better to do everything right in terms of organization, 
readability and all that, and if you need more speed buy an athlon 64 FX 
cluster or something, heh heh. With a terabyte of ram.


Steven Retz wrote:

>I have been reading the book I got, "Advanced PHP Programming".  I
>have been wondering what the members of the group are doing for
>templates, either smarty, ad hoc, or some other way.
>Eger to hear what people are doing and why, to futhor my understanding.
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