[UPHPU] Cannot load data

Mac Newbold mac at macnewbold.com
Thu Nov 4 18:20:30 MST 2004

Today at 3:54pm, OgdenNights.com said:

>I've changed eth0 from dhcp to IP in /etc/conf.d/net, but I
>still have the problem. Any ideas?

You could try using tcpdump or some other sniffer (perhaps one customized
for http would be most helpful) to see what's getting sent and recieved.

Does it work with other browsers?

I've had safari respond in weird ways to certain http response codes. For
example, on a "301 permanantly moved" code, it gives an error similar to
the one you describe, and won't redirect and won't show the html page that
was sent. But if you do a 404 instead, it cooperates just fine. I doubt
it, but it could be something cache related perhaps, where the server is
saying the file hasn't changed, but safari is choking.


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