[UPHPU] Cannot load data

OgdenNights.com lists at ogdennights.com
Thu Nov 4 15:54:03 MST 2004

I've changed eth0 from dhcp to IP in /etc/conf.d/net, but I
still have the problem. Any ideas?

> From: Eric Goebel <ericgoebel at gmail.com>
> You won't need a static IP yet, set your IP to or
> something like that.  Check your DHCP server to find out what range it
> is using to assign IP addresses then assign your server an address
> that is not in that range.
> For example, my router at home does DHCP for addresses
>  My server has the address so
> there won't be any conflicts.
> Then try again from your workstation.  On servers it's usually better
> to give them an IP address that won't change with DHCP.

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