[UPHPU] Cannot load data

Eric Goebel ericgoebel at gmail.com
Thu Nov 4 14:30:09 MST 2004

Does the problem persist if you oopen a browser on the server itself? 
If not, it sounds like you have some sort of network issues.  I would
start by assigning your server an IP address not used by your DHCP

On Thu, 04 Nov 2004 14:13:39 -0700, OgdenNights.com
<lists at ogdennights.com> wrote:
> Hello again... I think I'm having some sort of permissions issue:
> I have about 5 scripts (PHP) on my new webserver. About 20% of the time,
> they will load up when using the dhcp IP address such as
> The other approximate 80%, I receive this error:
> Safari can't open the page "" because it
> could not load any data from this location. Usually that 80% is during a
> refresh or reload of the existing page.
> Any ideas?
> TIA -Timothy
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