[UPHPU] PHP install --enable-dbase

Tierra etierra at gmail.com
Wed Nov 3 18:45:20 MST 2004

On Wed, 03 Nov 2004 16:25:40 -0700, Ray Hunter <bigdog at venticon.com> wrote:
> Or you can add it i like this when you emerge:
> USE="dbase <additional-here>" emerge php
> That way you dont need add it to your make file if you dont want
> to...sometimes you can get tons of flags in there.

That's not a good idea for 2 reasons.

1. When you need to recompile down the road, you'll lose any support
you built in before if you forget what flags you initially compiled
2. You overwrite any currently setup flags that have an effect on the
package your installing.

And a 3rd reason it's bad that's specific to the package your talking
about right now: You may forget about compiling in dbase or whatever
else into mod_php (if your using it), so you have inconsistent
versions of both CLI PHP and Apache scripted PHP.

Check up on the latest features of portage, and man portage. There's
ways of specifying flags to only be used with specific packages, and
also working with masks using /etc/portage.

I only mention something because I had a habit of doing that exact
same thing except with ACCEPT_KEYWORDS='~x86' when I did it, and it
caused problems when it came to doing updates... it would always want
to downgrade my packages I used it with. The simple fix of using
/etc/portage/package.mask came in handy there.

Off that topic, a good habit of using Gentoo is to find the right
flags to use with emerge on a consistent basis. For example, when I do
updates, back in the day, I would use "emerge -uUDpv world" which made
for easy package checking and complete updates. Lately I've gotten in
the habit of using "emerge -Duvat world" as suggested from another
Gentoo user. Either way, you will want at least -v to check on USE
flags that affect the packages your working with to see what's going
to be enabled and to see what else may be availible.

Bryan Petty

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