[UPHPU] PHP install --enable-dbase

Jeffrey Moss jeff at opendbms.com
Wed Nov 3 09:52:25 MST 2004

Put dbase in your USE flags in /etc/make.conf

You can see what options a particular program is using by doing an:

emerge -pv php

which is pretend/verbose mode.


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> I'm installing PHP with dbase functionality. The PHP manual (section XX)
> shows that I must compile PHP with the --enable-dbase option. I'm not sure
> where to type this... As I'm on a Gentoo system, I emerged PHP along with
> Apache and mod_php. Can I use different syntax to emerge it?  Can I just 
> add
> it to a config file? I'm sure the answer is simple... I'm just a newbie.
> -Timothy
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