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Gary Thornock Gary_Thornock at sento.com
Mon Nov 1 23:23:51 MST 2004

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> Yeah, it's a crazy request. I just want a way to send SMTP traffic
> to my mail server, even though my ISP blocks out-bound port 25. I
> was hoping to setup a web service that could take SOAP requests and
> translate to SMTP for me, then pass my email along. But, since no mail
> client on earth understands such a thing, it's a futile idea anyway.
> The simplest solution (and the one I chose) is to use web mail, which
> is, in essence, the same thing. :)
> --Dave

Not quite as crazy as you might think.  I haven't found a web service
that does plain SMTP, but, in fact, I have seen a company that produces
a (commercial, fairly expensive) web services front-end for Exchange
Server. [1]  I'm sure something similar could be done for plain SMTP.
You would, however, need a service on your end to translate back to SMTP
for the benefit of your client software.

You're right, though: web mail is a much simpler solution, if it can do
everything you need it to do.  I just wish there were a way to make web
mail look and act like elm :)

- Gary

[1] http://www.canyonbridge.com/

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