[UPHPU] [ot] SMTP over Web Services

David Smith DavidSmith at byu.net
Mon Nov 1 17:34:03 MST 2004

Yeah, it's a crazy request. I just want a way to send SMTP traffic to my
mail server, even though my ISP blocks out-bound port 25. I was hoping to
setup a web service that could take SOAP requests and translate to SMTP
for me, then pass my email along. But, since no mail client on earth
understands such a thing, it's a futile idea anyway.

The simplest solution (and the one I chose) is to use web mail, which is,
in essence, the same thing. :)


<quote who="John">
> David, you may find some issues with doing this kind of thing.  I'm sure
> your aware of the standard ports in tcp/ip, and port 25 is reservered for
> smtp.  If you want to send outbound from http (port 80) to someone elses
> port 25 I'm sure this would be rather simple as the sending port can be
> anything (1-65535), but when receiving all hosts are looking for your port
> 25 to be responding to open socket requests.  There isn't anyway to tell
> all of the other hosts sending to you to use 80, except if you put a port
> forwarder from some router/firewall from 80 into port 25, which will then
> mess up your http communications if on that same box.
> If I'm mis-understood your need I'm sorry.
> --
> Thanks
> John
>> Yes, you read the subject right: SMTP over Web Services. I am looking
>> for a standard that defines a protocol for running SMTP over SOAP/HTTP.
>> That way, I never have to worry about whether port 25 is filtered again.
>> Does anyone know of such an effort?
>> --Dave

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