[UPHPU] [ot] SMTP over Web Services

Jeff Moss jeff at opendbms.com
Mon Nov 1 08:32:37 MST 2004


This may be what you're looking for:


I am running a mail server on my technically dynamic IP address, I use 
the mailhop.org for outgoing messages, I haven't had a problem with my 
isp blocking port 25, but they will help you with that also. Problem 
with outgoing email is my reverse lookup causes a lot of mail servers to 
reject email from my IP.


David Smith wrote:

>Yes, you read the subject right: SMTP over Web Services. I am looking for
>a standard that defines a protocol for running SMTP over SOAP/HTTP. That
>way, I never have to worry about whether port 25 is filtered again. Does
>anyone know of such an effort?
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