[UPHPU] javascript dropdown menu

Jon Jensen jjensen at debonairesolutions.com
Wed May 26 13:45:30 MDT 2004

While others (myself included) have already mentioned some of the advantages
of the unordered list approach, I thought I'd sum up the main benefits here:

1. Semantically, it's the closest thing you'll find to a menu in HTML
2. Accessibility-wise, it's great, because if a user-agent doesn't fully
support CSS or JavaScript, you can still provide them with a meaningful
navigational list (yes, even Netscape 4 and lynx). Using the appropriate
media type for your stylesheet and perhaps a CSS filter or two would be all
you need.
3. It keeps the code clean and manageable -- no unnecessary classes,
elements or id's. Because it's just a list, anybody with a minimal grasp of
html can make their own menus with ease.
4. It's extremely customizable via CSS.


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