Some Database setup help

Ashley Oviatt ashovi at
Thu May 20 11:15:36 MDT 2004

I'm setting up a MySQL database to store file locations (of images) that 
will be used in a pdflib application.

The php page will have to look into the database for the file location 
(all on the local server, this is an internal process at this point) and 
then tell the location to pdflib according to what month it is/which 
image it is supposed to use/which logo it is supposed to use/ etc.

My question is what is the best way to set up the database to do that? 
As in what types of fields should I use? Mediumtext? int? varchar?

And what fields should I include besides just id and maybe timestamp? I 
need some of the images to link to another user table (ie. a picture of 
a person and their logo needs to be linked to the person's contact data 
in another table in the same db.)



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