[UPHPU] oop :B

Jason Jones j at poeticintensity.com
Thu May 13 23:45:51 MDT 2004

Ya know...  I might be alone in this thought, but...  I sure would love 
to know more about the true advantages of programming OOP style.  I've 
been programming PHP for two years now, but I still consider myself very 
much a beginner in this field.

Would anyone else be interested in having a UPHPU group meeting 
dedicated to the pros / cons of different styles of programming in PHP?  
I'd absolutely love it, and - I need it.  From the sound of it, PHP 5 is 
gonna be geared *much* more toward OOP than before, and I want to take 
full advantage of it.

Any thoughts?


Steve Dibb wrote:

> I'm an absolute oop nightmare...
> Is there a way to pass an outside variable into an entire class when 
> it is declared?
> For example, I'm using PEAR's DB class, and I've already set $db = 
> DB::connect($dsn); and I can pass $db to functions within the class, 
> and then use $db->query() etc ... but I don't know how to pass it when 
> I use my own class.
> Can someone help?  This is all greek to me.
> Steve
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