[UPHPU] Beginner PHP book

jeffrey neslen jneslen at yahoo.com
Sat May 1 23:38:08 MDT 2004

I found the PHP and MySQL Web Development, Second
Edition, to be a good start for php with as well
mysql.  It was my favorite book when I started
learning php LOL.  Of course it was published for php
4, so not sure if you would want to start there or not
considering php 5 is the up to date version.  book
info posted below.

PHP and MySQL Web Development, Second Edition
Publisher: SAMS; 2nd Book and CD-ROM edition(February
12, 2003) 
ISBN: 067232525X 


--- sbf_1 at ToughGuy.net wrote:
> I'd like to get a book to learn PHP, and am looking
> for any 
> recommendations. I'm an ok programmer (java) and my
> HTML skills are 
> pretty good, but I think I'll need something that
> covers it from the 
> ground-up.
> Thanks, Michael
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