[UPHPU] rss-like meeting feed?

Daniel Crookston daniel at hyperion-data.net
Mon Mar 29 16:07:47 MST 2004

It would be a standard as opposed to a program.  The hardest part would be
convincing people to use it.  Open source calendar projects, of course,
could be "convinced" simply by submitting source to them in the form of a
plugin.  I'm thinking something like this for the format:

  <meeting importance="1">
    <shortdesc>Last-minute plans for the 15th</shortdesc>
    <longdesc>I talked to Julius' wife, and they're going to be watching
the gladiators that night so we should be good to go.  Brutus, you'll be
taking minutes.  We need to work out who's going to do the actual
stabbing, who's going to give the public address afterward, and a few
other minor details.</longdesc>
...etc. etc.


On Mon, 29 Mar 2004, District Webmaster wrote:

> Interesting -- that could be a cool project for the mass-programming
> event  Wade proposed at our last meeting.
> Dave

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