presnting at meetings

District Webmaster webmaster at
Wed Mar 24 09:52:23 MST 2004

If any of you have an urge to present at a meeting, I encourage you to
fulfill that urge. Presenting, for me, was an all around positive

And don't let not being an expert stop you -- anybody from last nights
meeting will tell you that I am no expert in smarty. I actually chose to
present on smarty because I knew it would _force_ me to learn about it,
and quick. In fact, there were a couple of people at last nights meeting
that obviously had more experience w/ smarty than I, but they did not
mock or belittle me -- instead, they added very helpfull comments.

We can always use good presenters, and good presentations -- and because
our group has users with all levels of experience, we can benefit from
presentations about basic and advanced topics.


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