[UPHPU] Session Buildup

Kenneth Burgener email at kennethburgener.com
Wed Mar 17 13:07:35 MST 2004

Yes, a logout option would destroy the session, but what if the person doesn't log out?  The file should remain on the server for a year.  Eventually the garbage collection should take care of it.  The sessions that I have found are from 1 day to 3 months old.  All of the garbage collection settings (session.gc_*) are set to the default settings.

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I think the point that Jeff was making is that after he is done with the
session, e.g. the person logs out, he then destroys it. That *should*
immediately destroy the relevant session file on the server.

So in your logout script, call session_destroy().

Also, if you still have old session files floating around, look at changing
the default values for session.gc_probability, session.gc_divisor, and
session.gc_maxlifetime, which determine how/when garbage collection will



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