[UPHPU] winds of change

Ray Hunter bigdog at venticon.com
Tue Mar 16 14:14:56 MST 2004

On Tue, 2004-03-16 at 14:12, Jason Jones wrote:
> I usually don't post, although I enjoy reading all the posts.  I've
> got to say...  I've been developing in PHP for about a year and a half
> for one company.  I've used Quanta Plus exclusively for my IDE, and in
> the time I've been here, I have yet to lose a single file due to my
> IDE.  I understand that Quanta uses some of the same processes as
> kwrite does, although I could be mistaken.  They do look a lot alike,
> though. :)

quanta is a kde application so it uses many underlining kde components
as does kwrite.


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