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Lance Earl lance at
Thu Jul 29 10:30:06 MDT 2004

DallyPost, Inc. ( is actively seeking qualified
individuals to form the DALLYPOST CORE DEVELOPMENT TEAM. Members of CORE
will work together in a limited open source environment. Initial CORE
members will include a server administrator with a strong FreeBSD
background and 3 to 6 developers with strong PHP and MySQL skills.

For the past six years, DallyPost has been a leader in on line equine
marketing. The site offers the end user a choice of template based or
custom web sites that are fully user maintainable. To a large extent, the
site has been designed with the idea that support for other industry
groups will be implemented over time. To that end, rapid module creation
is possible to add support to virtually any industry group.

The objectives of CORE membership include:

** extend available services to provide excellent support to any business,
in virtually every industry group.

** develop and share a growing library of modules to facilitate rapid
development of user maintainable and fully interactive web sites.

** provide web site customers with marketing and economic functionality
that is not possible with a stand alone web site.

** provide CORE members with increased profitability.

Benefits to the CORE member include:

** Increased profitability through rapid module based web site
development. This allows the CORE member to employ value based charges vs
hourly based charges. Example: Developing a web site for a customer that
includes all the maintenance and marketing tools that are bundled with
every DallyPost site would take weeks or months and would cost the
customer thousands of dollars. The same site can be developed using the
DallyPost system in 4 to 12 hours, yet the dollar value of the site has
not changed.

** Income streams can developed by becoming an affiliate or recruiting
affiliates. Affiliate web sites are modified versions of,
but optimized to support a specific industry.

** Free income can be generated when a visitor to an affiliate web site
logs in and uses available documentation to create and maintain a site
without the assistance of a designer. Approximately one third of current
DallyPost customers have developed their sites in this fashion, pay their
hosting fees and have required no assistance from DallyPost staff members.

** DallyPost will only retain a small portion of a customer's monthly
hosting fees. The balance of the hosting fees and 100% of
design/programming fees will be retained by the CORE member.

** Extensive marketing of each CORE member through and
all affiliate web sites.

Benefits to the end user include:

** affordability via a fully user maintainable web site, thus reducing the
bulk of web designer fees.

** enhanced exposure through and all DallyPost affiliate
sites. Products and services from each customer's web site will be placed
in a common database. These items will be automatically displayed on the
home page of and all affiliate web sites. Search tools at and on all affiliate sites will assist site visitors in
finding the customer's products and services.

** enhanced exposure through the DallyPost banner ad program that places a
member's banner ad on the sites of virtually every DallyPost customer.

** a Partners program that allows a customer to receive rewards for
referring new customers to a member of CORE.

Lance Earl
DallyPost, Inc.

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