[UPHPU] File Uploads

David Smith DavidSmith at byu.net
Wed Jul 28 10:47:08 MDT 2004

<quote who="Wade Preston Shearer">
>> This questoin has got me thinking, and guess what! Remember a couple
>> days
>> ago, how I recommended that you use a third-party library to do this,
>> and
>> it spawned that huge thread? Well, the library I recommended was Mega
>> Upload, and it can tell you the size of the file *before* you begin the
>> upload, using PHP! Check out this demo:
>>    http://www.raditha.com/php/upload.php
>> Maybe those third-party libraries aren't so terrible after all, eh?
> Except that that requires a mixture of PHP and Perl.l

But it doesn't require *you* to know any Perl. From the page:

"Then again most PHP programmers today aren't comfortable working with
perl. So we will pass on the processing to a PHP script once file upload
is complete. You are then back in familiar territory."


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