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Wed Jul 7 12:13:11 MDT 2004

We are a web application systems company looking for one additional part
time person. The position is working with the following technologies: 
vbscript, java,struts,velocity,asp,mysql,ms sql,perl,javascript,html. A
strong background in php and mysql is a must. Other technologies 
helpful but
not required. The winner of this position will be doing maintenance on 
current systems, adding new features, and working on change orders from
existing customers.

.	how long is the position anticipated to be available for?

The position is available until filled. We are looking for one full/part
time person.

.	will the position be onsite or can the employee telecommute?

We prefer onsite and can telecommute once a track record has been proven
with us.

.	are there any benefits available?

You are part of the MyTechSupport team :)

.	what pay range do you feel appropriately compensates for the
	skills and experience you are requiring?

DOE. Generallys been. $8-$15 / hour.

MyTechSupport works in four verticals.
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Email your resume to

	support at mytechsupport.com

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