[UPHPU] IE draws inputs yellow?

Mac Newbold mac at macnewbold.com
Thu Feb 19 09:28:42 MST 2004

Today at 9:15am, Jon Jensen said:

>  background-color: #ffffff !important;
>The solution above is great for letting you specify your own colors, but it
>thwarts AutoFill users. They won't necessarily know they can use it on your
>site, since there is no visual indication.

It seems to me like this is all trying to fix a non-problem. If a user has
chosen to have their browser highlight certain fields in a form
(overriding the author's wishes), that's their business, isn't it? If I
had chosen to do such a thing, I wouldn't want a website forcing it to do
something different. If this is about aesthetics, the user will obviously
know that the yellow was not put there by the author, but by their
googlebar, and won't think anything of it.

Maybe I'm out it left field, but it seems like trying to "fix" this
feature is going a little too far.


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