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District Webmaster webmaster at alpine.k12.ut.us
Wed Feb 11 13:10:53 MST 2004

I guess what bothered me about smarty was a (perceived) lack of a good
starter tutorial. Of course, I haven't looked at it lately . . .

Can you recommned a good tutorial?


>>> "Parl Johnson" <parl at epliant.com> 02/11/04 1:01 PM >>>
Hey Dave,

My programmers will tell you that I am very Pro-Smarty.  Its clean. 
clean.  A true tool that allows complete separation of code and design. 
highly recommend you take a longer look at it.  You won't find or write
anything better.  It only looks convoluted due to its power and
It basically has its own PHP based language built in that is simple
for designers to understand.

We currently use it for a shopping cart system and it works like a
It allows us to use the same shopping cart functionality for over 100
different sites.  We control the look, feel and navigation of the check
process for each site individually without having to re-write any cart
at all.  It works really slick.  That's my take for what its worth.


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I'd like to implement a templating system for a new site I'm building.
I've looked at Smarty, but it seems a bit convoluted (granted, I haven't
made an in-depth effort to learn to use it yet).

What experiences have y'all had with templating systems? What things
should I remember? What should I try to avoid? All recommendations are


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