[UPHPU] PHP AND (IIS OR Apache) on Windows

David Smith DavidSmith at byu.net
Wed Dec 8 16:42:12 MST 2004

>> My client has agreed to use PHP, but he is most comfortable
>> administering Windows. I have to recommend Apache or IIS. I
>> know the server feature differences well enough, but I'm
>> looking for input on stability and quirkiness. I have been
>> told that Apache2 [1] and PHP4 are very stable together on
>> windows despite a recommendation from Rasmus Lerdorf [2]. I
>> currently run PHP4 and Apache1 on Windows at home, but I have
>> no experience running PHP on IIS [3].

Would you be inerested in some advice on how to convince your client to
choose Linux/Apache? I've got some pretty compelling words that I like to
share with Windows server admins, and I'm sure other list members do as


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