[UPHPU] MySQL questions?

Steve Dibb sdibb at wonkabar.org
Thu Apr 22 22:53:42 MDT 2004

>>- caching queries
> Can you clarify that for me? Do you mean inside MySQL, or in your PHP
> code?

In PHP.  Or MySQL.  I dunno, actually.  All I know is that PEAR's Cache 
and Cache_Lite are completely undocumented (save the actual php file 
itself, which I don't really wanna dig through to try and understand 
it), and O'Reilly's tutorial that you find when you google for 'php 
cache mysql' makes their own caching functions which doesn't make sense 
to me...  Anyway, a starting point would be nice.

>>- transactions (committing is easy, how does rollback work?)
> Are you talking from a database client perspective, or how does it work
> inside the database engine?

Uh, the commands to run them I guess.

All I know about is:


which runs *amazingly* fast... I've heard of doing rollbacks on commits, 
but maybe that's just a postgres thingie.  I don't have a clue how to do 
that either.

>>- how the file access thing works
> I'm not sure what you mean here. To which "file access thing" do your
> refer?

the "User" table has a setting for "File" permissions of some kind ... 
letting the mysql user access the filesystem somehow... again, no clue. :)

>>- maybe an intro to table/row permissions?
> I haven't used them at all, but I could do some research and talk about
> them briefly if there's time.

me neither -- I'm not sure they're highly used, its just something that 
could be gleaned over.  Or even just feed me an opinion on whether or 
not to use em, and I'll be happy. :)


p.s. I'm pleding $5 to the "Fix the Reply Settings" fund.

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