[UPHPU] MySQL questions?

jeffrey neslen jneslen at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 22 15:12:07 MDT 2004

That list sounds good to me too.  I am very interested
in more complex sql.  A question recently that came up
was how to do XOR (either or, but not both) type
queries in MySQL.
These would be my prefered subjects:

-Doing JOINs (simple and complex)
-Optimizing queries along with indexing
-administrative subject such as setting IP access and
write permissions
-importing data from other data sources


--- Mac Newbold <mac at macnewbold.com> wrote:
> Wade has asked me to put together something on MySQL
> for our May 18th
> meeting. (7pm @ Alpine S.D., if that's okay. Dave?)
> What would people like me to discuss about MySQL?
> Some possibilities:
> 1. How to install/run/admin a mysql server
> 2. MySQL langauge bindings (PHP obviously, maybe
> others: Perl, C, etc.)
> 3. MySQL data types / table types
> 4. Database schema design
> 5. Basic-to-Intermediate SQL
> 6. Advanced SQL: Doing JOINs (simple and complex)
> 7. Optimizing queries for speed/efficiency
> 8. Importing/exporting data (i.e. CSV, Excel, etc.)
> With some help from experts in the group, we could
> discuss:
> 9. MySQL compared to other databases, in terms of
> performance, standards
>    compliance, features, etc. (anyone who could help
> should speak up)
> Which of the above (if any) are people interested in
> hearing about? What
> else would you like to discuss related to MySQL?
> If anyone has some context they'd like to suggest
> for an example, I'd be
> happy to consider it. (Better if the example is real
> world, and useful to
> someone, than just invented.)
> We obviously still have over nearly a month until
> the presentation, so
> I'll be reviving this thread again about May 11-15
> to get any last-minute
> additions to the list.
> Thanks,
> Mac
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