MySQL questions?

Mac Newbold mac at
Thu Apr 22 14:13:07 MDT 2004

Wade has asked me to put together something on MySQL for our May 18th
meeting. (7pm @ Alpine S.D., if that's okay. Dave?)

What would people like me to discuss about MySQL?

Some possibilities:

1. How to install/run/admin a mysql server
2. MySQL langauge bindings (PHP obviously, maybe others: Perl, C, etc.)
3. MySQL data types / table types
4. Database schema design
5. Basic-to-Intermediate SQL
6. Advanced SQL: Doing JOINs (simple and complex)
7. Optimizing queries for speed/efficiency
8. Importing/exporting data (i.e. CSV, Excel, etc.)

With some help from experts in the group, we could discuss:

9. MySQL compared to other databases, in terms of performance, standards
   compliance, features, etc. (anyone who could help should speak up)

Which of the above (if any) are people interested in hearing about? What
else would you like to discuss related to MySQL?

If anyone has some context they'd like to suggest for an example, I'd be
happy to consider it. (Better if the example is real world, and useful to
someone, than just invented.)

We obviously still have over nearly a month until the presentation, so
I'll be reviving this thread again about May 11-15 to get any last-minute
additions to the list.


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