[UPHPU] xdebug

David Smith davidsmith at byu.net
Sun Apr 18 08:16:22 MDT 2004

Steve Dibb wrote:

> Has anyone ever heard of this before?  It looks like some kind of php 
> debugger.  I'm installing mod_php right now, otherwise I'd try it:
> http://www.xdebug.org/ 

Wow, this is awesome! Too bad it has to be compiled as a PHP module. 
It's about time someone makes it possible to prnit a stack trace in PHP. 
I constantly wish I could see a stack trace when people report 
phpLDAPadmin bugs, but the best I can get with a custom error handler is 
the name of the file, line number, and original file (if the error 
occurs in an included file). If there existed an easy way to distribute 
xdebug with PHP applications, I'd love it! As is, I won't have much use 
for it until the PHP folks decide to include this in PHP proper.


phpLDAPadmin: http://phpldapadmin.sourceforge.net/

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