[UPHPU] A_Move_to_Block_Gmail_Service __

Matthew Frederico matt at ultrize.com
Wed Apr 14 15:57:00 MDT 2004

On Wed, 2004-04-14 at 16:26, Velda Christensen wrote:
> Did I come across as though I planned to use gmail?  I hope not.  I
> meant to add my 2 cents, which were:

Ah, no worries, I'm not griping AT YOU, I read what I sent, and I'm
having one of those days ... Seriously .. 

My (poorly dished) point was I don't smoke because I know the health
risks.  Why not let google have their mail and access to it (its on
their server after all), not worry about it, and go on with life.

I choose not to smoke because I know of the risks inherent, I choose not
to gmail because of the risks.  Some people will enjoy a cigarette, some
people won't mind targeted ads and having their email read by a

At any rate. ..

I did work for Netpoint back in '97 to late '99.


Matthew Frederico

> Cent one: I would be worried about someone being able to keep my deleted
> mail
> Cent two: Cent one is irrelevant if I've agreed to let them do so.
> By the way, I believe I've heard your name before.  Did you ever work
> for netpoint?
> -Velda

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