[UPHPU] A_Move_to_Block_Gmail_Service __

Wade Preston Shearer groups at anavidesign.com
Wed Apr 14 15:35:47 MDT 2004

> Still, why does it matter?  Hotmail and other free email services put 
> ads on
> their pages and nobody's throwing a fit about those.  What Google is
> proposing would be automated - no human is looking at your email, 
> deciding
> what ads you should get.  I just don't see how putting ads on a page 
> that
> relate to what's on that page is compromising privacy.  Am I missing
> something?
>> Ah, I re-read it again and realized the targeted ads would come 
>> -after-
>> the email (which would imply they're storing data) -- I'd envisioned
>> them hyper-linking key words in the email to ads, or adding targeted
>> barbs to the email or interface...

And even if it was going to compromise privacy, I doubt that Google was 
going do anything that wasn't stated in a user agreement... and 
assuming such, the customer has the every right to discard their 

My point has nothing to do with what Google's service is or isn't, but 
rather preserving freedoms within the bounds of ethics, morality, and 
the law.

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