[UPHPU] A_Move_to_Block_Gmail_Service __

Daniel Crookston daniel at hyperion-data.net
Wed Apr 14 15:30:22 MDT 2004

Still, why does it matter?  Hotmail and other free email services put ads on
their pages and nobody's throwing a fit about those.  What Google is
proposing would be automated - no human is looking at your email, deciding
what ads you should get.  I just don't see how putting ads on a page that
relate to what's on that page is compromising privacy.  Am I missing


> Ah, I re-read it again and realized the targeted ads would come -after-
> the email (which would imply they're storing data) -- I'd envisioned
> them hyper-linking key words in the email to ads, or adding targeted
> barbs to the email or interface...

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