[UPHPU] A_Move_to_Block_Gmail_Service __

Velda Christensen velda at novapages.com
Wed Apr 14 12:14:15 MDT 2004

Ah, I re-read it again and realized the targeted ads would come -after-
the email (which would imply they're storing data) -- I'd envisioned
them hyper-linking key words in the email to ads, or adding targeted
barbs to the email or interface...

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> > Did I miss something?  I read the article and noticed Europe's
> > laws state that a user must be able to permanently delete their
> > message,
> > but I didn't see anything about GMail planning to withhold that
> > Moot point..  But I agree; if a person knows full well (even if its
> > a
> > user agreement they choose to ignore) that their emails are going to
> > contain ads in exchange for free email service, what's the big deal?
> That was my point exactly. If it is in the user agreement, then Google
> has (will be doing) done nothing wrong. There might actually be
> out there that wants Google to scan their mail and use that
> to provide personalized advertisements. As I said, I would never want
> this service (I purge all email after thirty days... saving anything
> a file that I want to keep), but there might actually be someone that
> does.
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