[UPHPU] A_Move_to_Block_Gmail_Service __

Wade Preston Shearer groups at anavidesign.com
Wed Apr 14 11:59:49 MDT 2004

> Did I miss something?  I read the article and noticed Europe's privacy
> laws state that a user must be able to permanently delete their 
> message,
> but I didn't see anything about GMail planning to withhold that right.
> Moot point..  But I agree; if a person knows full well (even if its in 
> a
> user agreement they choose to ignore) that their emails are going to
> contain ads in exchange for free email service, what's the big deal?

That was my point exactly. If it is in the user agreement, then Google 
has (will be doing) done nothing wrong. There might actually be someone 
out there that wants Google to scan their mail and use that information 
to provide personalized advertisements. As I said, I would never want 
this service (I purge all email after thirty days... saving anything as 
a file that I want to keep), but there might actually be someone that 

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