[UPHPU] vertical centering values inconsistant

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Mon Apr 12 17:37:19 MDT 2004

Alright Mac,

I've had just about enough of your common-sense explanations. Don't you
get that this is a mailing list?!?!?! We don't want replies that seem
perfectly reasonable -- we want flames, bashing, and bias! C'mon, man --
spew forth some vitriol!!!! I'll thank you to keep your even-handedness
to yourself.


>>> Mac Newbold <mac at macnewbold.com> 04/12/04 5:13 PM >>>
Today at 11:57am, Wade Preston Shearer said:

>Anyone know why "center" is used to center something vertically when
>using 'background-position' and "middle" is used when using
>I am curious is there was some logic behind the inconsistency that I am
>This isn't a big issue. I am just curious.

My best guess: The "inconsistency" was intentional to avoid ambiguity.

Horziontal align: 	left	center 	right
Vertical align:		top	middle	bottom

If they used center for both, it could create confusion, and it only
a one-letter typo to do a completely wrong thing ("align"<=>"valign").

Just my opinion... don't know the real reason for sure.


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