Fwd: Job Opportunity - Programmer (Springville)

Wade Preston Shearer groups at anavidesign.com
Mon Apr 12 13:58:54 MDT 2004

Another manager in the company I work for is looking to hire another 
programmer and I thought I would post this for him.  They are going to 
be interviewing soon, sorry for posting it late.

See our company site for application information:
cwood at xmission.com

Programer/Analyst (COBOL) (Springville, Utah)


     * Maintain, enhance, and create COBOL programs in a Linux/Windows 
environment for a growing multi-national aerospace manufacturing and 
distribution company

     * Work with business units to define and refine system requirements 
for new development and enhancements that address their needs in the 
areas of cost avoidance, regulatory compliance, revenue enhancement, 
and ease of use.


     * Successful applicants will have at least 2 years experience with 
one or more of the following: COBOL, C/C++, Java (in depth).

     * Experience in the following is preferred: COBOL, RDMS/SQL, DB2, 
Perl, MS Windows, Unix/Linux, MS Office, Open Office, Access, Lotus 
Notes, database design, shell scripts.


     * Bachelors degree in Computer Science or Information Management 
with at least 2 years of related experience or equivalent combination 
of education and experience.
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