[UPHPU] SEO matters....?

Wade Preston Shearer groups at anavidesign.com
Tue Apr 6 14:37:15 MDT 2004

> Hmmm.....  I've been in the web development business for a number of 
> years and I'd have to say SEO has been almost top priority for all the 
> businesses I've worked with (Hosting Companies, 3D Companies, 
> Photography Companies)...  They have all had marketers who realized 
> that more people coming to the site = possibility for more sales.  
> Free marketing is still marketing, and with Google, because of their 
> pagerank system - most of the eyes that see your site through their 
> search engine are people who are interested in what you're selling.... 
>  All of this  means....
> If you know how to cater to Google's search engine, you will 
> ultimately have higher site usage by people who are interested in what 
> you're doing.  It's a fantastic way to get free marketing.
> I tried this out myself on a personal project I'm working on (if 
> you're interested, it's www.ldscompanion.com ) and right now I'm 
> getting around 1000+ unique visitors,   ~20,000 page views and ~50,000 
> hits per month.  ~60% of this traffic is coming directly from google 
> because I took the time to cater to what google likes.  Right now, 
> LDSCompanion isn't selling anything, but if it were - I couldn't 
> complain about 600 more people coming to my site (and possibly giving 
> me income) per month because of SEO.
> Man...  I'm rambling here, and I might be a bit off base or forgetting 
> something, but my point is - virtually any company (especially if 
> they're selling something) can profit from SEO.  If they aren't 
> concerned with it - they might need to consider a new marketing team.

Excellent points. I a lot of my stuff has been corporate intranets and 
similar for-a-specifc-audience-only projects.

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