SEO matters....?

Jason Jones j at
Tue Apr 6 08:34:15 MDT 2004

Hmmm.....  I've been in the web development business for a number of 
years and I'd have to say SEO has been almost top priority for all the 
businesses I've worked with (Hosting Companies, 3D Companies, 
Photography Companies)...  They have all had marketers who realized that 
more people coming to the site = possibility for more sales.  Free 
marketing is still marketing, and with Google, because of their pagerank 
system - most of the eyes that see your site through their search engine 
are people who are interested in what you're selling....  All of this  

If you know how to cater to Google's search engine, you will ultimately 
have higher site usage by people who are interested in what you're 
doing.  It's a fantastic way to get free marketing.

I tried this out myself on a personal project I'm working on (if you're 
interested, it's ) and right now I'm getting around 
1000+ unique visitors,   ~20,000 page views and ~50,000 hits per month.  
~60% of this traffic is coming directly from google because I took the 
time to cater to what google likes.  Right now, LDSCompanion isn't 
selling anything, but if it were - I couldn't complain about 600 more 
people coming to my site (and possibly giving me income) per month 
because of SEO.

Man...  I'm rambling here, and I might be a bit off base or forgetting 
something, but my point is - virtually any company (especially if 
they're selling something) can profit from SEO.  If they aren't 
concerned with it - they might need to consider a new marketing team.

--Jason Jones

Wade Preston Shearer wrote:

>>>> will tell you the page rank of
>>>> URLs.
>>> So what exactly does this rank mean?
>> This one number is the biggest factor in determining how high on a 
>> Google
>> search your page appears. The more people that link to you, the higher
>> your rank. Pages like slashdot, msn, and yahoo are 9/10 or 10/10. Pages
>> like the uphpu project page are 1/10. As a refence,
>> is 5/10.
>> The more highly ranked people who link to my page, the more highly 
>> ranked
>> I will be, and the more likely you are to find me with a Google search.
>> When someone links to your page, Google only considers it if the linking
>> page is ranked 4 or higher.
>> If you are serious about being a webmaster, you ought to read Google 
>> Hacks
>> and learn about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). A webmaster who is not
>> equipped with this knowledge is only half the webmaster he should be.
> Assuming that he cares about SEO. If you don't care about people 
> finding your site via search engines, then it doesn't matter. For most 
> of the projects that I have been involved with thus for in my career 
> as a web developer for example (personal, professional, non-profit, 
> for-profit), SEO has not mattered.
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