[UPHPU] Projects page for uphpu members

Wade Preston Shearer groups at anavidesign.com
Tue Apr 6 10:05:02 MDT 2004

>>> Install the google toolbar for internet explorer and then you can see
>>> it.
>> Any other way? (I don't use Microsoft Windows or Microsoft Internet
>> Explorer.)
> Good for you! :) You're better off that way...
> And no, there's not really another way. Toolbars don't work in Mozilla 
> and
> Opera.

I'm not interested in adding a toolbar anyway. All of the browsers that 
I use already have a google search field built in next to the address 
bar, by default. I find it strange that there is a browser out there 
that is so far behind that it doesn't have this feature and requires 
you to add it extra.

> I'd be interested in this too... although... I bet we could reverse
> engineer the network traffic the toolbar sends to find out what the
> pagerank is, so that we could make a tool that would do the same 
> thing. It
> wouldn't be as nice as having it hooked into the browser, but you 
> could at
> least find out from the command line what a page's PageRank was.

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