[UPHPU] php5

Steve Dibb sdibb at comcast.net
Fri Nov 21 00:08:37 MST 2003

Thanks David,

I dont think I'm gonna use it unless I have to when it comes out anyway. 
  I'm scared already of all the things that are gonna break.

I wonder if they'll keep developing php4 after 5 comes out.


David Smith wrote:

> <quote who="Steve Dibb">
>>Has anyone tried php5 yet?  I saw it's in Beta 2.
>>Any comments, reviews, etc?
> All I can say about PHP5 is: Grrr. I get bug reports all the time from
> phpLDAPadmin users who are running PHP5. They report some really weird
> behavior (like funky infinite loops). I try to debug with PHP4 and cannot,
> for the life of me, duplicate the problem. It invariably turns out to be
> some half-implemented feature of PHP5 (like deep copies turning out to be
> shallow). At this point, stear clear unless you really need some of the
> new features, and you only use it for testing purposes.
> --Dave

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