php my family

Wade Preston Shearer groups at
Fri Nov 14 12:10:18 MST 2003

Is anyone aware of a PHP project for a "" style website
package? I have never used, so I am not sure everything
that it does, but I think I have the general idea. Let me explain what
I am looking for. I have a small website that I built for both my wife
and I's immediate families where everyone can log on and create gift
wish lists. I am about to expand it a little with mailing lists and
some calendars (phpicalendar). I can see this growing even a little
further in the new future with people wanting the ability to have some
message boards and photos and stuff too. Since, I don't really seen any
sense in reinventing the wheel on this project, I thought that I'd look
around and see if a website package already exists for something like

My search turned up little however. I found a php/nuke module for a
geneology website, but that isn't what I am looking for. I don't want
pages with information about when aunt betty was christened, just a
"community" style place where they can log in for information. It would
be kind of like a MUG site, but less business-like.

Anything like this exist? Or should I just keep building my own?


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